In our fridge, lives the “magic fruit box”. This is a box known to the kids as the box that never runs out of fruit. It is strategically placed in the fridge so that the kids can easily access it when they are looking for a snack. In our attempt to encourage healthy eating habits in our children, we thought it’s best to add some fun,”glitter” and magic to the equation, instead of saying “eat your fruits”. My older one knows mum & dad refills the box whenever its starting to run low but the little missy still finds it rather fascinating.

The magic fruit box benefits every one in the family. Every one gets a variety of colour in terms of fruits daily because it is cut and ready to eat. For me, because I wash and cut bulk of the fruits at once, it saves me time across the week as I am not needing to wash one fruit at a time when the children demand fruits.

To make sure that your fruits stay fresh, be sure to soak cut apples and pears in some salt water before storing to prevent oxidisation and browning of the flesh. It is best to shake of as much water as possible in a salad spinner too.

I hope your kids will enjoy the idea of the Magic Fruit Box too 🙂