A holistic 8 week program that will guide you and inspire you towards active, healthy living as mothers by creating helpful, consistent habits for life.

I am not into fitness challenges that involve deprivation or “smashing” yourself with exercise that you do for the 8 weeks and that’s it. I am into creating life-long habits for you that you can instill into your children.

We are all mothers and we have other commitments in life we need to attend to. This method is based on treating ourselves like a science experiment and testing out what works for us and what doesn’t so that we can slowly structure a lifestyle that supports us and ensures regular exercise that you enjoy, good nutrition to support our body’s function and a moderate amount of joyful eating.

Become a part of a different mothers group. One of like minded women who understand that we are all perfectly imperfect in our own ways and everyone is on our own health & fitness journey.

No judgements on the way you look or the way you parent. Just together to support each other through the ups and downs of motherhood.

I’m Dr. MJ and I created my Bloom Method for mums like you.

Because I know what it is like to be a busy mother who is mentally overwhelmed and unable to take steps towards health & fitness goals and do what I need to do to be a happy and active mum. The mental load of being a mum meant that it was hard to figure out what was the best way for me to get nutritious food in for myself and my children and how to fit exercise into my week.

But through my own self development, education and exercise journey, I came up with a step-wise method to help me stay on top of nutrition and exercise for me and my family.

I am excited to be sharing my 4-step system that helps me create mental clarity to action the steps needed to tick of my goals. I have also created daily motivation messages to help keep you accountable and inspired, and valuable tools and education to help you fit movement into your week. 

My utmost goal is to create opportunities for mums to be active, fit and healthy so that you can be happy in your own skin and confidently loving you. Why? Because our kids are listening to how to speak about ourselves, watching how we treat ourselves and learning about how we look after our bodies.

I don’t believe we need a program to tell us who to become because we are all uniquely different. There will be thought-provoking discussions to help you clarify the person that you are. I am not trying to create a NEW you, what my program will do is to bring out the best of you. This program help you bloom into you.

Chat soon,

Dr. MJ

Head Coach – Active Mama Tribe

Creating active, fit and healthy mums, impacting one family at a time.

Australia’s Exercise Scientist of the Year 2019

While The Bloom Method for mums is not designed to be a weight loss program, losing weight and centimetres off the body has been a side effect of undergoing this program.

Here Are Some Success Stories…


23.1cm 7.6kg

Claire L

10.5 cm 3.2 kg


19.4cm 5.1kg


16.7cm 3.4kg


16cm 3.8kg

Claire T



21.1 cms 5.6 kg




26.5 cm 7.9kg

The best part of the program is the mental clarity and increase in self-love as reported by past participants in the program.

How the Bloom Method helped other mothers…

I now look forward to exercising, and have been changing it up everyday. Even if it’s just 10 or 15 mins I try and do some sort of exercise so I’m loving that. I gave the protein drink another try but I realllllyyyy cant stand it so that’s a no no for me. Cravings have definitely lessened, I dont feel the need to eat sugary or fatty foods.”

– Shamshad Mother of 1 works Part time

“I’m definitely getting more into the mindset of, eating “set” meals to fuel my body, not just eating all day.   I’m really seeing what a difference being organised makes and feel really inspired to use the rare moment of free time I get to scan the next week or day’s plan to see if I could do prep to make my evening or day easier.

I’m locking in the eat the decent breaky, have my coffee and get moving kind of routine in the morning.  I’m also making sure my next meal is accessible to avoid the drive home drive throughs which I used to be pretty bad at.

I really value all the elements of the program (way more than I expected for such good value), but if I had to choose I’d say the recipes, explanations in the book and meal structure have been the best, sort of teaching me how to “adult.”

–  Anthea P, Mother of two

“I am very comfortable following the program. I follow most of it but I just don’t take breakfast, instead I drink a cup of  black coffee and have my packed meal between dropping my son to daycare and go work.

What I like the most in this program is that my family also enjoy the food I am making for myself and we enjoy it, in other word we don’t feel like I am following a diet or restricted plan.

As a mum I feel so good to see my kid enjoying his veggies instead of other unhealthy food and maybe this is the most biggest reason for me to stick with this routine. In bthe last couple days I have been exercising in front of Jayden and he gets really happy and this give me so much confidence to keep doing it a be a role model to him.”

Priyanka R, Mother of 1 works full time

“The Bloom Method has changed my relationship with my body, health and mindset. And its flowed on to my family too! I’m so grateful to have learned new habits and feel ready to keep them going. Thank you for all of your support, MJ”

– Erin D Mother of 1, works part time

The Bloom Method Includes:


  • Three 1-on-1 Goal Setting & Check In Appointments
  • Weekly decluttering task
  • Weekly mindset coaching
  • Quick effective home workouts (or join in with our Miles Park exercise sessions),
  • Nutrition coaching and flexible meal guides that you can you alter to suit you & your family
  • Five emails weekly to keep you motivated and on track
  • Workbook and Recipe book to guide you along the way
  • Exclusive Facebook support group

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“Mama, Let’s Bloom for them…”

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