The period of time after childbirth is known as postpartum. A time of mixed and intense emotions, the focus of a mama during this time is on her child because it is so little and helpless, every cry makes the mama’s jump to her feet. The mama thinks of feeding her newborn before she feeds herself and thinks of keeping baby warm before putting on a jumper for herself. Baby before self. As a mum to a newborn, there is no time to rest. There is cooking to be done and the amount of laundry with the addition of one small little baby seem to have quadrupled.

But Mama, take a deep breathe and wait. Take a moment and think of you. You have just been through labour and childbirth, a marathon some would say. Whether you had a Cesarean section or delivered your baby vaginally, your body has just been through a significant amount of trauma and injury. At times, you might remember that you are not 100% because of the sensations you feel when you sit or move but other times your body may seem fine because you and the people around you are so happy with the addition of your new baby to your family. The happy state tricks you into thinking your body is just the same as it was before. But it is not.

Most injuries of our body take 4 to 6 weeks to heal. After experiencing childbirth, you would have experienced some bruising down below from pushing the baby out or even tearing of your perineum. If you had a Cesarean section, there would be two cuts to your abdomen area, one which is visible to you and the other which you do not see, on your uterus. These cuts need more time to heal.

So mama, be kind to yourself in the 4 – 6 weeks after delivery, allow your wounds to heal, allow your uterus to recover and allow your body to adjust. There is a lifetime ahead of you in this mothering gig, but for a start, let yourself heal so that you can be the best mama you can be.