Membership Information

Learn more about what your membership includes, the terms and conditions of membership and how to pause your membership when you are going away.

We have four different membership options

to choose from to suit your weekly routine

Fit Active Mama

For the mum who wants to get to her health & fitness goals safely and quickly.

Busy Active Mama

For the mum who is looking to balance life commitments and health & fitness goals.


For anyone in the community who works and wants to exercise regularly three times a week before & after work and on Saturdays

Terms and conditions of Service

All attendees must wear suitable attire and footwear, bring a mat, a drink bottle and any other aids required by the member (e.g. asthma puffers, sunscreen etc) to each session. Active Mamas By MJ shall not be held responsible for medical issue arising due to unavailable medical aids required by individual members.

Trial Package Policy (Three weeks unlimited classes)

a) All trial attendees must make payment for the offer in cash or by Paypal via PTminder prior to commencing the offer. Fees for trial offer are non-refundable unless there is a valid medical reason.

b) All attendees must book into their preferred class prior to attending

c) Trial attendees are not obligated to sign up for membership after their trial period. However, once you have commenced a trial with Active Mamas by MJ, you will be considered as an existing client and will no longer be eligible for future offers, unless otherwise stated.

d) Trial attendees may sign up to one of the following memberships after the trial (i) Busy Active Mama 2 classes/week, (ii) Fit Active Mama unlimited classes.

Should you decide to sign up for a membership; the following Membership Policy shall apply.

1) All members commit to attending the sessions from the start date of their membership. There is no minimum period to maintain your membership.

2) Members may upgrade to a higher membership package with more sessions per week or downgrade to a membership with lessor sessions with written notice

3) All members must be accepting of other babies in the event that they are upset and unsettled. The Active Mama Tribe welcomes children. Judgement and gossiping is strictly not tolerated. All members must not be subjected to unpolite remarks pertaining to parenting beliefs, mode of feeding a child or sleep habits. The Active Mama Tribe is a place of support for all members. 

Membership fees

a) Payment is due four-weekly to Active Mamas by MJ via our direct debit provider QUICKPAY and the member has read and agreed with QUICKPAY’s direct debit terms.
b)Active Mama by MJ may withhold or refuse delivery of its services to the member until such time that all payments are up to date.

c) Payments can be paused by submitting a pause or membership cancellation form on the website. All fees that have been processed cannot be refunded unless it was due to the error of administration of Active Mamas by MJ.

d) In the event of a failed direct debit payment, the member will incur a $15 fee, which will be added to the next successful payment. This fee is paid to Quickpay for the unsuccessful payment and administration required.

e) Membership payments will remain active unless 2-week written notice is provided to Active Mamas by MJ via email

Pause my membership

For current members only. If you are going on a holiday or want a break from attending classes, please fill out the form below:



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