My Personal Journey

When I started pursuing my PhD in pregnancy, gestational diabetes & exercise, I was 7 weeks pregnant – talk about timing. It worked out great because I had a greater understanding of my pregnant research participants and how they might have felt during exercise. Over a period of 5 years, I juggled motherhood and studying and trying to be healthy and active.

Did I cruise through the  five years? No. It was hard. Doing a PhD was hard. Having a new baby was hard. Trying to be healthy and active was even hard with all the responsibilities. It was no surprise that I become depressed at one stage.

It was my rock bottom, something in my lifestyle was not going right. And that made me take action because my family needed me to be well enough to nurture and care for them. After seeking help, I got back on track and completed my PhD, giving birth to my second child the day after I submitted my thesis (I know, I have a thing for timing!).

That mortarboard on my head, is the symbol of my struggles as a mum, trying to balance life, work and health. So believe me when I tell you I know your struggles, I know the daily guilt, the lack of time, lack of sleep and lack of me-time. With my personal & professional experience, I know the importance exercise and looking after our health.

 Now, I am making it my life’s work to help other women have active and healthy pregnancies and during motherhood. If you feel that you are stuck in a rut and need help to create habits and changes to enjoy motherhood and feel more in control, send me a message via Contact MJ