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Hello! I am Dr MJ

Exercise & Sport Science Australia's Exercise Scientist of the Year 2019


And I help busy mums get fit, active and healthy by creating opportunities and tools for mums to achieve 150 minutes of exercise per week for health benefits & eat the right portion of foods for their body.


All without the fear & discomforts of exercising in a gym, the added cost of childcare and hours researching into what and how much to eat!


As a mum of two myself,  I know it can be hard to navigate your health and fitness journey when everyone is trying to sell you their beliefs, products and short term challenges. With me, we work together to find a way that works for you. My role is to educate and I help you find a way that suits you and your family.

Active Mama Fitness Classes at Miles Park is in it’s final week. 
Dr MJ will be having a break for Christmas and New Year and bringing you Something NEW in 2021. 


For one LAST WEEK – $29 per week, you get access to 5 classes and coaching in REAL TIME.

For whatever reason, if you miss the class, you get the replay to do in your own time!

Exercise with your bub/kids with you. 

Keep fit to benefit your mental health and 

keep up with social distancing.

No need for crèche or babysitter!

Let’s show our kids how to lead a Fit Active & healthy lifestyle by exercising in front of our kids!

What do our awesome Mamas have to say…..

Hey MJ! Awesome class yesterday! My abs & butt are sore today! I really love how your change it up slightly each week. So loving the Flex & Flo class, thanks heaps!

- Kylie -

Thank you MJ! it feel really good to move and sweat and have my boys see me move and sweat!

- A motivated mama -

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