Holistic Health & Fitness Coach

Motivating . Supporting . Making it Happen . For Mums

$39 for 3 weeks unlimited classes

Exercise with your bub/kids with you.  No need for crèche or babysitter! Join a tribe of supportive, friendly mamas. 

Access to unlimited classes for three weeks from time of purchase.

Valid for first timers only.

What do our awesome Mamas have to say…..

Hey MJ! Awesome class yesterday! My abs & butt are sore today! I really love how your change it up slightly each week. So loving the Flex & Flow class, thanks heaps! - Kylie -

Thank you MJ! it feel really good to move and sweat and have my boys see me move and sweat!

- A motivated mama -

Our Class Options

Mums Group Fitness

Be functionally fit for motherhood. Strengthen the muscles used to lifting children, carrying shopping and playing! Improve your aerobic fitness at the same time. Children always welcomed! Book your fitness session today!

Flex & Flow

Flexibility, like strength, can be trained and improved. Give yourself some time each weeks to breathe deeply and lengthen your tensed up muscles and increase mobility in your spine. Feel tall and strong, book a Flex & Flow class today!